All ICLEI Members
  • City of Newark, CA, United States
    City of Newark, CA, United States
    Alan L. Nagy Title: Mayor Population: 45810 Member since: 27.11.2007
  • City of Edmonton, AB, Canada
    City of Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Edmonton, capital of Alberta, Canada, with 899447 people, has comfortable precipitation and snowfall levels in summer and winter, and 2300 hours of sunshine per year. Summer temperatures of 6-23 C drop to 2 to -15 in winter. Is host to premier research and education centres, and hundreds of cultural events each year. It is home to the longest stretch of connected urban parkland in North America, Canada’s largest living history museum, and is branded as the business service gateway to the North.
    Don Iveson Title: Mayor Population: 899447 Member since: 17.01.1992
  • Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation, India
    Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation, India
    Vinita Vishwanath Rane Title: Mayor Population: 1247327 Member since: 23.03.2009
  • Tenali Municipal Corporation, India
    Tenali Municipal Corporation, India
    Title: Population: 164937 Member since: 01.12.2011
  • Village of Mount Kisco, NY, United States
    Village of Mount Kisco, NY, United States
    Peter Grunthal Title: Village Trustee Population: 11103 Member since: 01.03.2018
  • Municipality of Teresina, Brazil
    Municipality of Teresina, Brazil
    Firmino da Silveira Soares Filho Title: Mayor Population: 850198 Member since: 18.07.2017
  • City of Surabaya, Indonesia
    City of Surabaya, Indonesia
    Tri Rismaharini Title: Mayor Population: 3457409 Member since: 01.06.2004
  • City of Madison, WI, United States
    City of Madison, WI, United States
    Paul R. Soglin Title: Mayor Population: 252551
  • City of Pittsburgh, PA, United States
    City of Pittsburgh, PA, United States
    William Peduto Title: Mayor Population: 303625 Member since: 13.01.2016
  • Ansan City, Republic of Korea
    Ansan City, Republic of Korea
    Hwaseop Yoon Title: Mayor Population: 693546 Member since: 14.08.1996
  • Municipality of Santa Maria, Brazil
    Municipality of Santa Maria, Brazil
    Jorge Cladistone Pozzobom Title: Mayor Population: 278445 Member since: 20.07.2010
  • City of Lahti, Finland
    City of Lahti, Finland
    Mika Mäkinen Title: Mayor Population: 103725 Member since: 05.01.1994
  • Bristol City Council, United Kingdom
    Bristol City Council, United Kingdom
    Marvin Johnathan Rees Title: Mayor Population: 442500 Member since: 19.12.2008
  • NALAG - National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana, Ghana
    NALAG - National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana, Ghana
    Bismark Baisie Nkum Title: President Population: 2291352 Member since: 16.05.2003
  • City of Hamilton, ON, Canada
    City of Hamilton, ON, Canada
    The City of Hamilton (formerly the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth and its lower-tier municipalities) is located in southwestern Ontario, Canada, along the western shore of Lake Ontario. The city of over 500,000 inhabitants consists of a highly industrialized core that was traditionally based on the steel industry. However, as manufacturing companies downsized, service and institutional sectors grew to become a major part of the local economy. The City of Hamilton has made sustainable, active transport one of its priorities, and is currently in the process of creating an integrated bike sharing program.
    Fred Eisenberger Title: Mayor Population: 536917 Member since: 17.01.1992
  • City of Missoula, MT, United States
    City of Missoula, MT, United States
    John Engen Title: Mayor Population: 72364 Member since: 22.02.2007
  • Town of New Hartford, NY, United States
    Town of New Hartford, NY, United States
    Paul Miscione Title: Supervisor Population: 21992 Member since: 01.11.2018
  • Tompkins County, NY, United States
    Tompkins County, NY, United States
    Martha Robertson Title: Chair Population: 104871 Member since: 06.05.2007
  • Lautoka City Council, Fiji
    Lautoka City Council, Fiji
    Jone Qio Nakauvadra Title: Chief Executive Officer Population: 52220 Member since: 30.10.2017
  • City of Burien, WA, United States
    City of Burien, WA, United States
    Jimmy Matta Title: Mayor Population: 33313 Member since: 01.11.2019
  • Town of Davie, FL, United States
    Town of Davie, FL, United States
    Judy Paul Title: Mayor Population: 101871
  • Municipality of Mariana, Brazil
    Municipality of Mariana, Brazil
    Duarte Eustáquio Gonçalves Junior Title: Mayor Population: 60142 Member since: 13.02.2019
  • Geita District Council, Tanzania
    Geita District Council, Tanzania
    Elisha H. Lupuga Title: Chairman Population: 807619 Member since: 01.01.2010
  • Miami-Dade County, FL, United States
    Miami-Dade County, FL, United States
    Miami-Dade County encompasses more than 2,000 square miles (larger than Rhode Island and Delaware) along the southeast tip of the Florida peninsula. One-third of the western part of the County is located in Everglades National Park. Beautiful Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean are located to the east, the Florida Keys to the south, and Broward County to the north. The area has a fascinating history and ceremonial artifacts have been discovered dating back 2,000 years near the Miami River.
    Carlos A. Gimenez Title: Mayor Population: 2674279 Member since: 31.10.1991
  • Kurunegala Municipal Council, Sri Lanka
    Kurunegala Municipal Council, Sri Lanka
    Thusara Sanjeewa Vitharana Title: Mayor Population: 30315
  • Port Phillip City Council, Australia
    Port Phillip City Council, Australia
    The City of Port Phillip is a local government area of Victoria, Australia on the northern shores of Port Phillip, south of Melbourne's central business district. It has an area of 20.62 km² and had a population of 91,372.
    Dick Gross Title: Mayor Population: 91372 Member since: 04.04.2000
  • Eunpyeong-gu Municipal Government of Seoul, Republic of Korea
    Eunpyeong-gu Municipal Government of Seoul, Republic of Korea
    Mi-kyung Kim Title: Mayor Population: 484070 Member since: 02.02.2016
  • Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation, India
    Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation, India
    Manharbhai Mori Title: Mayor Population: 605882 Member since: 12.10.2009
  • Pokhara Sub Metropolitan City, Nepal
    Pokhara Sub Metropolitan City, Nepal
    Man Bahadur G.C. Title: Mayor Population: 414141 Member since: 07.05.1998
  • Oslo Municipality, Norway
    Oslo Municipality, Norway
    Oslo is Norway’s capital and most populous city. The City is located in southeast Norway, with an inlet to the south and mountains to the north. It serves as the economic and governmental center of Norway, and plays a prominent role at the European level as a strategic center for maritime industries. Oslo has worked on many different fronts to become a sustainable city – its initiatives to improve air quality, foster biodiversity, and encourage green innovation won the City a position as a finalist for the title of European Green City 2016.
    Raymond Johansen Title: Governing Mayor Population: 647676 Member since: 07.07.1992
  • Ulsan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea
    Ulsan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea
    Chulho Song Title: Mayor Population: 1163690 Member since: 28.02.2003
  • City of Bend, OR, United States
    City of Bend, OR, United States
    Sally Russell Title: Mayor Population: 91122 Member since: 01.01.2018
  • Regional District of Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada
    Regional District of Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada
    Aaron Stone Title: Chair Population: 83739 Member since: 07.03.2014
  • Ruhr Regional Association, Germany
    Ruhr Regional Association, Germany
    Karola Geiß-Netthöfel Title: Regional Director Population: 5045784 Member since: 13.01.2016
  • Riviere du Rempart District, Mauritius
    Riviere du Rempart District, Mauritius
    Goorooduth Chukun Title: Chairperson Population: 108015 Member since: 21.01.2004
  • City of Sanary-sur-Mer, France
    City of Sanary-sur-Mer, France
    Ferdinand Bernhard Title: Mayor Population: 16168 Member since: 18.01.2007
  • Municipality of Valledupar, Colombia
    Municipality of Valledupar, Colombia
    Valledupar es la capital del Departamento del Cesar, fundada por conquistadores españoles el 6 de enero de 1550. Está bañada por los ríos Guatapurí, Badillo y Cesar. Es un importante centro musical y cultural, con un gran potencial turístico derivado de su tradición de la música vallenata, sus paisajes y su centro histórico declarado como Bien de Interés Cultural. Valledupar trabaja en su Plan de Desarrollo 2016-2019 por convertirse en una ciudad Verde, Amable e Incluyente.
    Mello Castro Title: Mayor Population: 453212 Member since: 19.07.2018
  • City of Encinitas, CA, United States
    City of Encinitas, CA, United States
    Catherine Blakespear Title: Mayor Population: 63131 Member since: 01.01.2010
  • City of Des Moines, IA, United States
    City of Des Moines, IA, United States
    T.M. Franklin Cownie Title: Mayor Population: 209220 Member since: 12.02.2008
  • New Taipei City Government, Chinese Taipei
    New Taipei City Government, Chinese Taipei
    New Taipei City is the highest number of population in Taiwan and has long been committed to the adaption and mitigation work related to climate change. New Taipei City envisions the overall administration with the “New Capital of Quality Cities” by including “local employment, school, home care and local LOHAS”. Declaration to express its determination in defying climate change related issues and the continual building of low-carbon and resilient city to cope with climate change.
    Yu-Ih Hou Title: Mayor Population: 3966818
  • Broward County, FL, United States
    Broward County, FL, United States
    Dale V.C. Holness Title: Mayor Population: 1838844 Member since: 11.02.2009
  • Maui County, HI, United States
    Maui County, HI, United States
    Michael Victorino Title: Mayor Population: 165386 Member since: 01.01.2017
  • City of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
    City of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
    Consistently ranked by the National Competitiveness Council among the top 10 most competitive Philippine cities, Cagayan de Oro is the strategic choice to do business. This first-class city has a well-developed infrastructure backbone; excellent connectivity to major production areas and markets through the presence of an international port and multi-berth baseport, an international-standard airport, and extensive inter and intra-city road networks; rich agricultural resources; extensive pool of human resources; and, a diverse range of eco-tourism attractions. The local government pioneered the computerization of business permits and licensing, and assessment and payment of real property tax, earning the city top honors as the most e-ready Philippine city. Continuing reforms in business permitting and pioneering development in automated building permit application and issuance make Cagayan de Oro an ideal place for business. Your Logistics Hub Located at the northern seaboard of the country’s southernmost island of Mindanao, this fast-growing city of more than 600,000 people provides easy access to an enormous concentration of markets in Northern Mindanao with an aggregate population of over 4.0 million. The Mindanao Container Terminal facilitates direct and cost-efficient movement of containerized cargoes to Manila, Cebu and international shipping hubs. The multi-berth Cagayan de Oro Baseport handles inter-island passenger travel with connectivity to the country’s nautical highway and Mindanao’s logistics corridors. Laguindingan Airport services air logistics requirements while an extensive inter- and intra-city road network leads to and from the major production areas and markets of Mindanao. Cagayan de Oro is the entry point for the quick distribution of goods to a consumer market of 22.0 million, and the most efficient exit for the island’s agricultural and industrial products to major foreign and domestic markets in Visayas and Luzon. Supply chain companies have located major depots or distribution centers in Cagayan de Oro and its immediate environs. The expansion of the Mindanao Container Terminal and the FDC Power Plant consolidate Cagayan de Oro’s position as the largest logistics center in Southern Philippines. Your Industry and Services Hub Complementing the logistics infrastructure is the rapid modernization of the city’s telecommunications infrastructure, transforming it into the business center and international logistics and telecommunications hub of the south. Cagayan de Oro is the center of education in Mindanao. Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) is Mindanao’s first university. Capitol University and Liceo de Cagayan University are cited by the National Association of Colleges and Universities as among the country’s top 10 higher education institutions with the highest number of accredited programs. Custom-designed skills training and apprenticeship programs are readily available to serve human resource requirements. Your Agribusiness Hub Cagayan de Oro’s strategic location and rich agricultural resources make it the preferred site of major agribusiness companies such as Del Monte Philippines, Nestle Philippines, Pilipinas Kao, and other small and medium agri-based industries. As the gateway to Southern Philippines, Cagayan de Oro provides direct access to Mindanao’s rich agricultural areas, source of 40% of the country’s food and livestock. It is a significant producer of oleochemical and other coconut products and Northern Mindanao is the top producer of cattle and is the third largest producer of poultry in the country. Your Leisure and Living Hub Cagayan de Oro is a key MICE destination in Southern Philippines. Currently, 4,806 rooms from various accommodation facilities can readily support conventions with 3,000 participants. The city also has a wide range of commercial activities, including state-of-the art retail and recreational facilities. A range of living options offer environment-friendly quality of life. Cagayan de Oro is linked to the island paradise of Camiguin, renowned for its white sandy beaches, hot springs, waterfalls, and historic landmarks.
    Oscar Moreno Title: Mayor Population: 602088 Member since: 08.08.2017
  • Vadodara Municipal Corporation, India
    Vadodara Municipal Corporation, India
    Vadodara as it has now been renamed has 10 administrative wards and 26 election wards. Each election ward is represented by three councilors of whom one is a lady councilor. Thus the total number of Municipal councilors is 78. The election is held once in five years and the Mayor’s tenure is maximum of 2½ years. While the Mayor is the head of the elected body, the administrative head is the Municipal Commissioner who is assisted by a couple of Deputy Municipal Commissioners and several other officers including city engineer, chief accountant and ward officers. Each administrative ward is headed by the ward officer who is responsible for efficient and smooth functioning of revenue collection, sanitation and implementation of certain govt. schemes and he is answerable to the Asst. Municipal Commissioner (Zone). There are two Deputy Engineers in each ward who are equivalent in grade to the ward officer and are looking after water supply and drainage functioning. These engineers are working under direct supervision of an Executive Engineer (zone).
    Jigeeshaben J. Sheth Title: Mayor Population: 1666495 Member since: 18.07.2006
  • Intercommunality of Collines, Benin
    Intercommunality of Collines, Benin
    Jacques Comlan Dagoue Title: President and Glazoué Mayor Population: 800000 Member since: 28.01.2019
  • Municipality of Sorocaba, Brazil
    Municipality of Sorocaba, Brazil
    Sorocaba is located in the Southwest region of the State of São Paulo. A region with more than 2 million inhabitants, the main economic bases are the industry, commerce and services sectors. Sorocaba develops integrated actions that have been improving the quality of life of the population, such as a cycle route plan with a 120 km cycle path, a program to decontaminate the Sorocaba River, tree plantations in community areas, and environmental education projects.
    Jaqueline Liliam Barcellos Coutinho Title: Mayor Population: 652481 Member since: 01.01.2011
  • Kolding Municipality, Denmark
    Kolding Municipality, Denmark
    Jørn Pedersen Title: Mayor Population: 92282 Member since: 21.07.1998
  • Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Title: Population: 2463700 Member since: 25.02.2002
  • Pohang City, Republic of Korea
    Pohang City, Republic of Korea
    Kangdeok Lee Title: Mayor Population: 509477 Member since: 07.10.2015
  • Municipality of La Plata, Argentina
    Municipality of La Plata, Argentina
    Julio Garro Title: Mayor Population: 654324 Member since: 01.01.2009
  • Msunduzi Local Municipality, South Africa
    Msunduzi Local Municipality, South Africa
    Pietermaritzburg is the capital and second largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It was founded in 1838, and is currently governed by the Msunduzi Local Municipality. Its "purist" Zulu name is UMgungundlovu, and this is the name used for the district municipality. Pietermaritzburg is popularly called Maritzburg , and often informally abbreviated to PMB. It is a regionally important industrial hub, producing aluminium, timber and dairy products.
    Mzimkhulu Thebolla Title: Mayor Population: 618536 Member since: 13.11.2018
  • Municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
    Municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
    Vitoria-Gasteiz has a surface area of 277 Km2 (under the 20% of it occupied by the urban fabric and infrastructures). It is the official seat of the Basque Parliament and of the common institutions of the Basque Country. It is considered to be a balanced city, with abundant green and free spaces, with a comprehensive network of public amenities and with a high quality of life, thanks to its commitment to integrating sustainability in all its policies. It was the European Green Capital in 2012.
    Gorka Urtaran Agirre Title: Mayor Population: 244634 Member since: 19.11.2012
  • Nacala Municipal Council, Mozambique
    Nacala Municipal Council, Mozambique
    Rui Chong Saw Title: Mayor Population: 206449 Member since: 15.05.2017
  • City of College Park, MD, United States
    City of College Park, MD, United States
    Patrick L. Wojahn Title: Mayor Population: 32275 Member since: 16.05.2007
  • City of Tacoma, WA, United States
    City of Tacoma, WA, United States
    Tacoma is a mid-sized urban port city and is the county seat of Pierce County, Washington. The City of Tacoma is a coastal city, sitting on the Puget Sound, and is situated between Seattle and the state capital. Tacoma ranks as the third largest state in Washington and serves as the center of business activity for the South Sound region.
    Victoria Woodards Title: Mayor Population: 202308 Member since: 19.07.2007
  • Rajshahi City Corporation, Bangladesh
    Rajshahi City Corporation, Bangladesh
    A H M Khair Zaman Title: Mayor Population: 842701 Member since: 10.02.2009
  • Town of Wellesley, MA, United States
    Town of Wellesley, MA, United States
    Jack Morgan Title: Chair Population: 29215 Member since: 24.08.2008
  • City of Birmingham, AL, United States
    City of Birmingham, AL, United States
    Randall Woodfin Title: Mayor Population: 212237 Member since: 01.09.2017
  • City of Haarlem, Netherlands
    City of Haarlem, Netherlands
    Jos Wienew Title: Mayor Population: 162000 Member since: 29.04.2020
  • Municipality of Bistrita, Romania
    Municipality of Bistrita, Romania
    Ovidiu Teodor Cretu Title: Mayor Population: 70493 Member since: 16.01.2015
  • City of Eau Claire, WI, United States
    City of Eau Claire, WI, United States
    Andrew Werthmann Title: Council Vice President / Acting President Population: 66278 Member since: 22.10.2012
  • Kawasaki City, Japan
    Kawasaki City, Japan
    Kawasaki City, one of the largest cities in Japan with a population of over 1.46 million, continues to expand as a convenient residential city. Kawasaki boasts various attractive features and great potential, including its convenient location in the center of the metropolitan Tokyo area, beautiful natural surroundings such as the Tama River and Tama Hills, promising industrial development, and the urban design as a city of culture, arts and sports. The city, however, is expected to face a declining population after peaking in 2030. Considering it as a challenge to overcome for the city's future, Kawasaki is now intensifying its efforts to make the city a friendlier place in which to raise children, including initiatives to reduce the number of children on the waiting lists to enter childcare facilities to zero, and serve school lunches at all junior high schools. Further, Kawasaki City aims to develop safe communities, where people can live with a sense of security, while making the city a more powerful industrial city to increase the attractive features and vitality of Kawasaki. By achieving the well-balanced development of both, we can create a city where everyone can enjoy a feeling of happiness.
    Norihiko Fukuda Title: Mayor Population: 1475300 Member since: 09.06.1995
  • Municipality of Larissa, Greece
    Municipality of Larissa, Greece
    Apostolos Kalogiannis Title: Mayor Population: 162591 Member since: 23.01.2018
  • Municipality of Extrema, Brazil
    Municipality of Extrema, Brazil
    João Batista da Silva Title: Mayor Population: 35474 Member since: 30.11.2018
  • City of Sydney, Australia
    City of Sydney, Australia
    Sydney is located on Australia’s east coast and is the country’s first declared and largest city - it accounts for 19% of the Australian population with over 4.5 million residents. More than half of Australia’s top companies and over 500 multinational regional offices have headquarters in Sydney, and its economy accounts for 1/4 of the national GDP. In 2008 Sydney launched its “Sustainable Sydney 2030” plan, which calls for the growth of green industry and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions alongside the fostering of an international cultural and economic environment. In accordance with the plan, the City is currently working to execute its energy master plan, which aims to derive 100% of its electricity, heating, and cooling from renewable sources by 2030.
    Clover Moore Title: Lord Mayor Population: 169505 Member since: 18.08.1992
  • Municipality of São Leopoldo, Brazil
    Municipality of São Leopoldo, Brazil
    Ary José Vanazzi Title: Mayor Population: 230914 Member since: 22.01.2018
  • City of Deerfield Beach, FL, United States
    City of Deerfield Beach, FL, United States
    Bill Ganz Title: Mayor Population: 75018
  • City of Gweru, Zimbabwe
    City of Gweru, Zimbabwe
    Josiah Makombe Title: Mayor Population: 141862 Member since: 01.01.1997
  • Municipality of Almada, Portugal
    Municipality of Almada, Portugal
    Inês de Medeiros Title: Mayor Population: 173298 Member since: 22.04.1999
  • City of Redmond, WA, United States
    City of Redmond, WA, United States
    John Marchione Title: Mayor Population: 52406 Member since: 01.01.2020
  • Nadi Town Council, Fiji
    Nadi Town Council, Fiji
    Adish Naidu Title: Special Administrator Population: 12000 Member since: 04.08.2017
  • City of Lawrence, KS, United States
    City of Lawrence, KS, United States
    Lisa Larsen Title: Mayor Population: 95358 Member since: 04.09.2007
  • Byron Shire Council, Australia
    Byron Shire Council, Australia
    The Byron Shire region is located in the north-east coast of NSW, Australia. The region covers 556.7km2, and includes 44 towns, including the larger regional centres of Byron Bay and Mullumbimby. The region is predominantly rural. The resident population of the Byron Shire in 2015 was 32,723, but the region also attracts over 1.3 million visitors annually. in 2015, Byron Shire committed to a zero emissions target, covering to whole region. This is a ten year target (2025) which covers the major identified sectors of emissions: energy, buildings, transport, land use and waste.
    Simon Richardson Title: Mayor Population: 32723 Member since: 14.12.2015
  • Municipality of Santa Luzia, Brazil
    Municipality of Santa Luzia, Brazil
    Christiano Xavier Title: Mayor Population: 218147 Member since: 12.07.2018
  • City of Tarlac, Philippines
    City of Tarlac, Philippines
    Maria Cristina Angeles Title: Mayor Population: 342493 Member since: 02.06.2017
  • City of Beaverton, OR, United States
    City of Beaverton, OR, United States
    Denny Doyle Title: Mayor Population: 93542 Member since: 05.10.2007
  • City of Bologna, Italy
    City of Bologna, Italy
    Bologna, capital of Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy. It lies at the northern foot of the Apennines, 55 metres above sea level. Bologna is of paramount importance as a road and rail centre. The city is an important agricultural market and food-processing centre, but also has developed into an important industrial centre; its chief manufactures include agricultural machinery, electric motors, motorcycles, railway equipment, chemicals, and shoes.
    Virginio Merola Title: Mayor Population: 384202 Member since: 01.12.1992
  • City of Minneapolis, MN, United States
    City of Minneapolis, MN, United States
    Minneapolis is the largest city (by population) in the state of Minnesota. It is bisected by the Mississippi River and shares an eastern border with the state’s political capital, it’s “twin” city, Saint Paul. Minneapolis has one of the best public park systems in the country, has extensive bicycling routes and trails, hosts two light rail lines; and has plans to double its downtown residential population to 70,000 by 2025.
    Jacob Frey Title: Mayor Population: 407207 Member since: 24.09.1992
  • Xai-Xai Municipal Council, Mozambique
    Xai-Xai Municipal Council, Mozambique
    Emidio Xavier Title: Mayor Population: 116343 Member since: 16.07.2012
  • Town of Windsor, CA, United States
    Town of Windsor, CA, United States
    Dominic Foppoli Title: Mayor Population: 27555 Member since: 01.05.2017
  • City of Gothenburg, Sweden
    City of Gothenburg, Sweden
    The City of Gothenburg is Sweden second largest city.
    Axel Josefsson Title: Mayor Population: 547005 Member since: 06.07.1992
  • Shijiazhuang Yuhua District, China
    Shijiazhuang Yuhua District, China
    Guan Yuntian Title: Chief Executive Population: 574572 Member since: 12.02.2018
  • City of Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
    City of Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
    Jürgen Kessing Title: Mayor Population: 42968 Member since: 02.02.1993
  • Municipality of Kaposvár, Hungary
    Municipality of Kaposvár, Hungary
    Karoly Szita Title: Mayor Population: 62446 Member since: 01.08.2015
  • City of Tanjungpinang, Indonesia
    City of Tanjungpinang, Indonesia
    Hj. Rahma S.Ip Title: Interim Mayor Population: 228918 Member since: 20.06.2015
  • City of Fremont, CA, United States
    City of Fremont, CA, United States
    Lily Mei Title: Mayor Population: 220000 Member since: 09.11.2007
  • City of Batangas, Philippines
    City of Batangas, Philippines
    The capital of Batangas Province and the largest of its (3) cities, is a major industrial, commercial, educational and recreational center. Located at the southern portion of the province is approximately 112 kilometers south of Manila and may be reached in 2 hours by land or 8 hours by water. Home to 329,874 inhabitants, Batangas City has a total land area of 28,541.44 hectares consisting 24 urban and 81 rural barangays.
    Beverley Rose A. Dimacuha Title: Mayor Population: 329874 Member since: 07.08.1995
  • City of Jersey City, NJ, United States
    City of Jersey City, NJ, United States
    Steven M. Fulop Title: Mayor Population: 247597 Member since: 01.04.2019
  • City of Dagupan, Philippines
    City of Dagupan, Philippines
    Marc Brian C. Lim Title: Mayor Population: 163676 Member since: 22.03.2007
  • Kasese District, Uganda
    Kasese District, Uganda
    Kabbyanga BK Godfrey Title: Mayor Population: 738300 Member since: 01.01.2009
  • Municipality of Tubigon, Philippines
    Municipality of Tubigon, Philippines
    William Jao R. Title: Mayor Population: 45893 Member since: 26.10.2005
  • City of Helsinki, Finland
    City of Helsinki, Finland
    Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland of Baltic Sea. Helsinki has a population of 626,305 and urban metropolitan population of 1.2 million. Approximately 75% of foreign companies operating in Finland have settled in the Helsinki region. In 2009, Helsinki was chosen to be the World Design Capital for 2012. Helsinki was the first European capital with a comprehensive sustainable development action plan in 2002.
    Jan Vapaavuori Title: Lord Mayor Population: 626305 Member since: 15.01.1993
  • Thane Municipal Corporation, India
    Thane Municipal Corporation, India
    Naresh Ganapat Mhaske Title: Mayor Population: 1886941 Member since: 01.04.2008
  • City of New York, NY, United States
    City of New York, NY, United States
    Bill de Blasio Title: Mayor Population: 8491079 Member since: 04.03.1999
  • Utrecht Municipality, Netherlands
    Utrecht Municipality, Netherlands
    Jan Van Zanen Title: Mayor Population: 343038 Member since: 24.05.2017
  • Town of Brattleboro, VT, United States
    Town of Brattleboro, VT, United States
    Brandie Starr Title: Chair of the Select Board Population: 11563 Member since: 01.04.2020
  • Town of Surfside, FL, United States
    Town of Surfside, FL, United States
    Daniel Dietch Title: Mayor Population: 5802 Member since: 01.01.2019
  • City of Heidelberg, Germany
    City of Heidelberg, Germany
    Eckart Würzner Title: Mayor Population: 156267 Member since: 14.10.1992
  • City of Montpelier, VT, United States
    City of Montpelier, VT, United States
    Anne Watson Title: Mayor Population: 7436 Member since: 01.05.2019
  • Cairns Regional Council, Australia
    Cairns Regional Council, Australia
    Robert Manning Title: Mayor Population: 165000 Member since: 04.06.2020
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