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  • Byron Shire Council, Australia
    Byron Shire Council, Australia
    The Byron Shire region is located in the north-east coast of NSW, Australia. The region covers 556.7km2, and includes 44 towns, including the larger regional centres of Byron Bay and Mullumbimby. The region is predominantly rural. The resident population of the Byron Shire in 2015 was 32,723, but the region also attracts over 1.3 million visitors annually. in 2015, Byron Shire committed to a zero emissions target, covering to whole region. This is a ten year target (2025) which covers the major identified sectors of emissions: energy, buildings, transport, land use and waste.
    Simon Richardson Title: Mayor Population: 32723 Member since: 14.12.2015
  • Suva City Council, Fiji
    Suva City Council, Fiji
    Chandu Umaria Title: Special Administrator Member since: 30.10.2017
  • Lautoka City Council, Fiji
    Lautoka City Council, Fiji
    Jone Qio Nakauvadra Title: Chief Executive Officer Member since: 30.10.2017
  • Adelaide City Council, Australia
    Adelaide City Council, Australia
    Sandy Verschoor Title: Lord Mayor Population: 22393 Member since: 12.02.2015
  • Dunedin City Council, New Zealand
    Dunedin City Council, New Zealand
    Dunedin is the second-largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, and the principal city of the Otago region. Dunedin is the seventh-largest urban area in New Zealand with a population of approximately 125,000 people. It is considered to be one of the four main centres of New Zealand historically and culturally. Dunedin City encompasses the second largest territorial land area with a total area of 3,314 km2. The city covers a large variety of ecosystems and has a temperate and dry climate.
    Dave Cull Title: Mayor Population: 125200 Member since: 12.12.2013
  • Palmerston North City Council, New Zealand
    Palmerston North City Council, New Zealand
    Grant Smith Title: Mayor Population: 84300 Member since: 08.07.2009
  • Unley City Council, Australia
    Unley City Council, Australia
    Michael Hewitson Title: Mayor Population: 37721 Member since: 29.05.2018
  • Moreland City Council, Australia
    Moreland City Council, Australia
    Natalie Abboud Title: Mayor Population: 147244 Member since: 11.05.2016
  • City of Sydney, Australia
    City of Sydney, Australia
    Sydney is located on Australia’s east coast and is the country’s first declared and largest city - it accounts for 19% of the Australian population with over 4.5 million residents. More than half of Australia’s top companies and over 500 multinational regional offices have headquarters in Sydney, and its economy accounts for 1/4 of the national GDP. In 2008 Sydney launched its “Sustainable Sydney 2030” plan, which calls for the growth of green industry and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions alongside the fostering of an international cultural and economic environment. In accordance with the plan, the City is currently working to execute its energy master plan, which aims to derive 100% of its electricity, heating, and cooling from renewable sources by 2030.
    Clover Moore Title: Lord Mayor Population: 169505 Member since: 18.08.1992
  • Nadi Town Council, Fiji
    Nadi Town Council, Fiji
    Robin Khadim Ali Title: Special Administrator Population: 12000 Member since: 04.08.2017
  • Perth City Council, Australia
    Perth City Council, Australia
    Eric Lumsden Title: Commissioner Population: 21797 Member since: 30.07.2003
  • Darebin City Council, Australia
    Darebin City Council, Australia
    Susan Rennie Title: Mayor Member since: 04.09.2017
  • Hobsons Bay City Council, Australia
    Hobsons Bay City Council, Australia
    John Marsden Title: Mayor Population: 83863 Member since: 01.06.2017
  • District Council of Mount Barker, Australia
    District Council of Mount Barker, Australia
    Ann Ferguson Title: Mayor Population: 33117 Member since: 04.05.2006
  • Scenic Rim Regional Council, Australia
    Scenic Rim Regional Council, Australia
    Greg Christensen Title: Mayor Population: 40072 Member since: 26.06.2019
  • Port Vila Municipal Council, Vanuatu
    Port Vila Municipal Council, Vanuatu
    Albert Sandy Daniel Title: Mayor Population: 44039 Member since: 21.04.2015
  • Auckland Council, New Zealand
    Auckland Council, New Zealand
    The Auckland metropolitan area is located in the North Island of New Zealand. It is the largest and most populous urban area in the country. The city is expected to undergo further rapid demographic expansion in the coming years. The central part of the urban area occupies a narrow isthmus between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean and it is one of the few cities in the world to have harbours on two separate major bodies of water.
    Phil Goff Title: Mayor Population: 1699900 Member since: 30.09.2005
  • Penrith City Council, Australia
    Penrith City Council, Australia
    The City of Penrith is a City in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The seat of the City is located in Penrith, located about 50 kilometres west of Sydney's central business district. It was declared a City on 21 October 1959, and expanded westwards to include Emu Plains and Emu Heights, formerly part of the City of Blue Mountains, on 25 October 1963.
    Ross Fowler Title: Mayor Population: 197922 Member since: 19.07.2016
  • City of Yarra, Australia
    City of Yarra, Australia
    The City of Yarra is an inner metropolitan municipality which is home to a diverse community of about 89,151 people over 19.5 square kilometres. In the early years, Yarra was more industrial and was home to many iconic Australian brands. Many of the former factories have now been converted into highly sought after warehouse and studio apartments.
    Danae Bosler Title: Mayor Population: 89151 Member since: 11.08.2003
  • Honiara City Council, Solomon Islands
    Honiara City Council, Solomon Islands
    Wilson Mamae Title: Mayor Population: 64609 Member since: 01.12.2014
  • Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Australia
    Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Australia
    The peninsula is a 720 square kilometre boot-shaped promontory separating two contrasting bays: Port Phillip and Western Port. ‘The Peninsula’, as it is affectionately known to local residents, contains a diversity of scenic landscapes and is almost surrounded by the sea, with coastal boundaries of over 190 kilometres, a total of approximately 10 per cent of Victoria’s coastline. It is a mixture of urban areas, resort towns, tourist development and rural land.
    David Gill Title: Mayor Population: 144608 Member since: 29.08.2002
  • Melbourne City Council, Australia
    Melbourne City Council, Australia
    Located on the southeastern coast of Australia, Melbourne is Victoria´s capital city and Australia's 2nd most populous city. It is often referred to as Australia's cultural capital, and is also an important national financial and industrial center. Melbourne has been facing a drought in recent years and faces severe water problems, as well as retaining a very high carbon emission profile. Its plan to become an "Eco-City" by the year 2020 has already started to address these issues by encouraging building retrofitting and implementing a sustainable water management program.
    Sally Capp Title: Lord Mayor Population: 127742 Member since: 01.09.1998
  • City of Mandurah, Australia
    City of Mandurah, Australia
    The City of Mandurah is one of Australia's fastest growing cities covering an area of 173.5km. Located between the Indian Ocean, the expansive waterways of the Peel-Harvey Estuary and the lower reaches of the Serpentine River, this unique location boasts some of the best water based activity facilities in Western Australia. the City of Mandurah is made up of 18 Suburbs from Madora Bay in the North to Clifton in the South.
    Rhys Williams Title: Mayor Population: 82700 Member since: 03.08.2007
  • Manningham City Council, Australia
    Manningham City Council, Australia
    Andrew Conlon Title: Mayor Population: 116255 Member since: 01.07.1998
  • Port Phillip City Council, Australia
    Port Phillip City Council, Australia
    The City of Port Phillip is a local government area of Victoria, Australia on the northern shores of Port Phillip, south of Melbourne's central business district. It has an area of 20.62 km² and had a population of 91,372.
    Dick Gross Title: Mayor Population: 91372 Member since: 04.04.2000
  • Ballarat City Council, Australia
    Ballarat City Council, Australia
    Samantha McIntosh Title: Mayor Population: 101686 Member since: 01.09.2001
  • Local Authority Association Vanuatu, Vanuatu
    Local Authority Association Vanuatu, Vanuatu
    Ulrich Sumptoh Title: Mayor Population: 179469 Member since: 13.09.2016
  • Australian Capital Territory Government, Australia
    Australian Capital Territory Government, Australia
    The Australian Capital Territory (ACT is the home of Australia's capital city, Canberra. The city of Canberra serves as a reigional hub for smaller regional cities, towns and villages in surrounding New South Wales (NSW). The ACT Government is responsible for both state and local level governemnt services.
    Andrew Barr Title: Chief Minister Population: 400000 Member since: 08.06.1993
  • Christchurch City Council, New Zealand
    Christchurch City Council, New Zealand
    Lianne Dalziel Title: Mayor Population: 387200 Member since: 06.03.2018
  • City of Joondalup, Australia
    City of Joondalup, Australia
    Albert Jacob Title: Mayor Population: 167623 Member since: 15.06.2007
  • Brisbane City Council, Australia
    Brisbane City Council, Australia
    Adrian Schrinner Title: Lord Mayor Population: 1131155 Member since: 10.10.2017
  • Mackay Regional Council, Australia
    Mackay Regional Council, Australia
    Greg Williamson Title: Mayor Population: 112798 Member since: 18.10.2016
  • East Gippsland Shire Council, Australia
    East Gippsland Shire Council, Australia
    Natalie O'Connell Title: Mayor Population: 45040 Member since: 08.08.2007
  • City of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
    City of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
    Nuatali Nelmes Title: Lord Mayor Population: 155411 Member since: 24.04.2019
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