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  • Municipality of Dumangas, Philippines
    Municipality of Dumangas, Philippines
    Ronaldo Golez Title: Mayor Population: 69108 Member since: 20.02.2012
  • City of Surabaya, Indonesia
    City of Surabaya, Indonesia
    Tri Rismaharini Title: Mayor Population: 3457409 Member since: 01.06.2004
  • Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thailand
    Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thailand
    The City of Bangkok is situated in the Chao Phraya River delta, close to the Gulf of Thailand. It is Thailand’s capital and by far its biggest city; its population is forty times larger than Thailand’s next-largest city. Bangkok’s sheer size makes it the center of most of Thailand’s cultural, economic, and governmental activity; it also is a popular tourist destination and has ranked in the top 3 of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for the last three years. Bangkok has worked hard to upgrade its transportation infrastructure and alleviate the traffic congestion and air pollution that has followed its rapid growth. The City is also concerned about climate change prevention and adaptation, as it is particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels and severe weather.
    Sukhumbhand Paripatra Title: Governor Population: 8280925 Member since: 01.04.1995
  • City Government of Zamboanga, Philippines
    City Government of Zamboanga, Philippines
    Zamboanga City located at the southernmost tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula, island of Mindanao, Philippines. On October 12, 1936, Zamboanga became a Chartered City per Commonwealth Act No.39. It has a population of 861,799 (2015 census). Zamboanga City is the 6th most populous and 3rd largest city by land area. The city continues to experience growth and this is manifested by increased population, diversified economic activities, and the interaction between other cities and its hinterland
    Maria Isabelle Climaco Title: City Mayor Population: 861799 Member since: 12.04.2019
  • City of Medan, Indonesia
    City of Medan, Indonesia
    H. Dzulmi Eldin S., Msi Title: Mayor Population: 2097610 Member since: 19.08.2005
  • City of Iloilo, Philippines
    City of Iloilo, Philippines
    Jose S. Espinosa III Title: Mayor Population: 447992 Member since: 28.08.2003
  • City of Sukabumi, Indonesia
    City of Sukabumi, Indonesia
    Achmad Fahmi Title: Mayor Member since: 19.03.2015
  • City of Cilegon, Indonesia
    City of Cilegon, Indonesia
    Iman Ariyadi S.Ag, MM, M.S Title: Mayor Population: 416464 Member since: 13.05.2004
  • La Union Province, Philippines
    La Union Province, Philippines
    Francisco Emmanuel III Ortega Title: Governor Member since: 05.07.2018
  • City of Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines
    City of Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines
    The City of Naga being the country's Most Competetive Component City for 2015, conceded as the center of trade and commerce in Bicol, overseeing 14 member LGUs of the Metro Naga Development Council, has the responsibility to maintain its role as a model city that is insatiable in seeking solutions to counter the effects of Climate Change. Being an active partner of Earth Hour for 8 years, it is deemed the right time to go to the next level, the next challenge, THE EARTH HOUR CITY CHALLENGE.
    John G. Bongat Title: Mayor Population: 196003 Member since: 30.10.2003
  • City of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
    City of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
    Consistently ranked by the National Competitiveness Council among the top 10 most competitive Philippine cities, Cagayan de Oro is the strategic choice to do business. This first-class city has a well-developed infrastructure backbone; excellent connectivity to major production areas and markets through the presence of an international port and multi-berth baseport, an international-standard airport, and extensive inter and intra-city road networks; rich agricultural resources; extensive pool of human resources; and, a diverse range of eco-tourism attractions. The local government pioneered the computerization of business permits and licensing, and assessment and payment of real property tax, earning the city top honors as the most e-ready Philippine city. Continuing reforms in business permitting and pioneering development in automated building permit application and issuance make Cagayan de Oro an ideal place for business. Your Logistics Hub Located at the northern seaboard of the country’s southernmost island of Mindanao, this fast-growing city of more than 600,000 people provides easy access to an enormous concentration of markets in Northern Mindanao with an aggregate population of over 4.0 million. The Mindanao Container Terminal facilitates direct and cost-efficient movement of containerized cargoes to Manila, Cebu and international shipping hubs. The multi-berth Cagayan de Oro Baseport handles inter-island passenger travel with connectivity to the country’s nautical highway and Mindanao’s logistics corridors. Laguindingan Airport services air logistics requirements while an extensive inter- and intra-city road network leads to and from the major production areas and markets of Mindanao. Cagayan de Oro is the entry point for the quick distribution of goods to a consumer market of 22.0 million, and the most efficient exit for the island’s agricultural and industrial products to major foreign and domestic markets in Visayas and Luzon. Supply chain companies have located major depots or distribution centers in Cagayan de Oro and its immediate environs. The expansion of the Mindanao Container Terminal and the FDC Power Plant consolidate Cagayan de Oro’s position as the largest logistics center in Southern Philippines. Your Industry and Services Hub Complementing the logistics infrastructure is the rapid modernization of the city’s telecommunications infrastructure, transforming it into the business center and international logistics and telecommunications hub of the south. Cagayan de Oro is the center of education in Mindanao. Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) is Mindanao’s first university. Capitol University and Liceo de Cagayan University are cited by the National Association of Colleges and Universities as among the country’s top 10 higher education institutions with the highest number of accredited programs. Custom-designed skills training and apprenticeship programs are readily available to serve human resource requirements. Your Agribusiness Hub Cagayan de Oro’s strategic location and rich agricultural resources make it the preferred site of major agribusiness companies such as Del Monte Philippines, Nestle Philippines, Pilipinas Kao, and other small and medium agri-based industries. As the gateway to Southern Philippines, Cagayan de Oro provides direct access to Mindanao’s rich agricultural areas, source of 40% of the country’s food and livestock. It is a significant producer of oleochemical and other coconut products and Northern Mindanao is the top producer of cattle and is the third largest producer of poultry in the country. Your Leisure and Living Hub Cagayan de Oro is a key MICE destination in Southern Philippines. Currently, 4,806 rooms from various accommodation facilities can readily support conventions with 3,000 participants. The city also has a wide range of commercial activities, including state-of-the art retail and recreational facilities. A range of living options offer environment-friendly quality of life. Cagayan de Oro is linked to the island paradise of Camiguin, renowned for its white sandy beaches, hot springs, waterfalls, and historic landmarks.
    Oscar Moreno Title: Mayor Population: 602088 Member since: 08.08.2017
  • Municipality of Lubang, Philippines
    Municipality of Lubang, Philippines
    Roberto Sanchez Title: Mayor Population: 18803
  • Alor Gajah Municipal Council, Malaysia
    Alor Gajah Municipal Council, Malaysia
    Alor Gajah Municipal Council is a Local Authority (LA) that is oriented in public services and is the prime mover in making Alor Gajah a progressive and beautiful district. The development of its administration area is progressing along side with the overall development of the Melaka State with main emphasis on industrial, tourism and agricultural sectors. The existence of infrastructure also accelerates the influx of both local and foreign investors.
    Tuan Zamzuri Bin Arifin Title: President Population: 198400 Member since: 21.01.2015
  • City of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines
    City of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines
    Hermenegildo Gualberto Title: Mayor Population: 306659 Member since: 27.06.2005
  • League of Cities of the Philippines, Philippines
    League of Cities of the Philippines, Philippines
    Shereen Gail Yu-Pamintuan Title: Executive Director Member since: 25.11.2009
  • City of General Santos City, Philippines
    City of General Santos City, Philippines
    Ronnel Rivera Title: Mayor Population: 594446 Member since: 25.01.2006
  • Municipality of Bacnotan, Philippines
    Municipality of Bacnotan, Philippines
    Francisco A. L. Fontanilla Title: Mayor Population: 42078 Member since: 03.12.2014
  • Penang Island City Council, Malaysia
    Penang Island City Council, Malaysia
    The City Council of Penang Island or Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP) is a local authority administering George Town and Penang Island. This agency is under Penang state government. MBPP is responsible for public health and sanitation, waste removal & management, town planning, traffic management, environmental protection & building control, social & economic development and general maintenance functions of urban infrastructure. The MBPP headquarters is located at KOMTAR, George Town.
    Dato' Ar. Yew Tung Seang Title: Mayor Population: 750000 Member since: 24.08.2017
  • City of Balikpapan, Indonesia
    City of Balikpapan, Indonesia
    Topographically, the area of Balikpapan City consists of 85% undulating area and only 15% consists of relatively flat area. The level of slope and altitude of the surface is very diverse, the lowest of the coastal area with a height of 0 m to hilly area with a height of 100 m above sea level.
    Rizal Effendi Title: Mayor Population: 762492 Member since: 30.10.2004
  • City of Tarlac, Philippines
    City of Tarlac, Philippines
    Maria Cristina Angeles Title: Mayor Member since: 02.06.2017
  • City of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    City of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    H. Haryadi Suyuti Title: Mayor Population: 412331 Member since: 26.08.2004
  • Municipality of Del Carmen, Philippines
    Municipality of Del Carmen, Philippines
    Alfredo II Coro Title: Mayor Population: 18392 Member since: 26.02.2019
  • Bohol Province, Philippines
    Bohol Province, Philippines
    Edgar M. Chatto Title: Governor Population: 1313560 Member since: 30.10.2003
  • City of Makati, Philippines
    City of Makati, Philippines
    The City of Makati is located at the heart of National Capital Region (NCR) with a total land area of 27.36 sq. which constitutes 4.3% of Metro Manila. It is one of the 17 local government units that comprise Metro Manila. It has two (2) Congressional Districts with a total of thirty-three (33) Barangays. Based on the 2010 Census of Population and Housing, Makati has a total population of 539,029 with a population density of 19 per 1,000 sq.m. The City rank ninth in terms of population size among the 16 cities and one municipality in Metro Manila. Makati’s daytime population ratio has been estimated at a minimum of 3.2 M to a maximum of 4.2 M in 2010 – that is, the population of the city during daytime on ordinary weekdays is 6 to 8 times of its night-time population. Considered as the country’s premier business district, Makati has the largest concentration of commercial activities in the Philippines, and is the country’s primary link to international finance and the global economy. As of 2013, it has a total registered business establishments per activity of 66,659 wherein Services comprised a majority of establishments, followed by General Merchandise, and Real Estate. Manufacturing represents the lowest number of business establishments. Makati is a major traffic generator for the greater Metropolitan Manila Area because it is the primary Central Business District of the country. The City attracts a large amount of vehicle traffic due to its relatively large resident population and its predominantly service-oriented economy. Thus, the city regulates the in-bound and out-bound traffic during the morning and afternoon peak hours, respectively. Based on 2011 estimates, Makati generates 594,872 vehicle trips daily equivalent to about 13% of the 4.5 million Metro Manila vehicle trips. The transit systems in the City are road-based and rail-based. For road-based transit, jeepneys are taken mainly for local circulation while buses are regional in scope and service. Rail-based transit lines that serve Makat are all part of the regional system. This includes the Light Rail Transit (LRT) 1, Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3, and the Philippine National Railroad (PNR). The water-based transportation that serve commuters through Pasig River is the Pasig River Ferry Service which has fourteen stations with two (2) stations located in Makati. There are 23 parks and open spaces within Makati City. Garbage collection service is provided by the City Government to 27 barangays while the six (6) remaining, which are affluent villages provide for their own garbage collection service through a private collection hauler. The disposal site is located at Rodriguez, Rizal which is being provided by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). Makati has 16 waterways through which storm water is drained. Pasig River spans the north boundary, while the 15 creeks traverses through different barangays of the City. All these water bodies eventually drain its waters to the Manila Bay.
    Mar-Len Abigail Binay-Campos Title: Mayor Population: 529039
  • Municipality of Linamon, Philippines
    Municipality of Linamon, Philippines
    Randy Macapil Title: Mayor Population: 20341 Member since: 18.07.2006
  • City of Tanjungpinang, Indonesia
    City of Tanjungpinang, Indonesia
    Lis Darmansyah Title: Mayor Population: 228918 Member since: 20.06.2015
  • City of Batangas, Philippines
    City of Batangas, Philippines
    The capital of Batangas Province and the largest of its (3) cities, is a major industrial, commercial, educational and recreational center. Located at the southern portion of the province is approximately 112 kilometers south of Manila and may be reached in 2 hours by land or 8 hours by water. Home to 329,874 inhabitants, Batangas City has a total land area of 28,541.44 hectares consisting 24 urban and 81 rural barangays.
    Beverley Rose A. Dimacuha Title: Mayor Population: 329874 Member since: 07.08.1995
  • Melaka Historic City Council, Malaysia
    Melaka Historic City Council, Malaysia
    The city council is the main factor in making Melaka a dynamic, progressive, and beautiful city. Its administration area has developed at the same rate with the overall development of Melaka where focus has been given towards the agricultural, industrial, and currently the tourism sectors. The infrastructural growth is very pronounced. On 15th April 2003, MPMBB was upgraded to Melaka Historic City Council (MBMB).
    Datuk Zainal Bin Hussin Title: Mayor Population: 471349 Member since: 25.08.2015
  • City of Dagupan, Philippines
    City of Dagupan, Philippines
    Belen Fernandez Title: Mayor Population: 163676 Member since: 22.03.2007
  • Science City of Muñoz, Philippines
    Science City of Muñoz, Philippines
    Nestor Lazaro Alvarez Title: Mayor Population: 81483 Member since: 12.03.2008
  • Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council, Malaysia
    Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council, Malaysia
    Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council (MPHTJ) established under Section 3 of the Local Government Act 1976, (Act 171) as a Local Authority of the Hang Tuah Jaya which began operations on January 1, 2010. The Council's role is important because the Melaka State Government Administrative Centre is located within the administration. It is the aspiration of the Melaka State Government to make the Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal is a cosmopolitan area that could generate the development of various aspects
    Tn. Hj. Mansor Bin Sudin Title: President Population: 165645 Member since: 14.02.2015
  • Phuket City Municipality, Thailand
    Phuket City Municipality, Thailand
    Phuket Island, Pearl of Andaman sea,Southern paradise, with golden beach & blessing holy spirit, is one of the world class destination with the area of 570 sq. km. , located in the southern part of Thailand,about 668 km. from Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand. The economic heavily relied on the tourism industry. City of Phuket is one of 19 local governments within Phuket island ,situated at the southeastern part of the Phuket Island, most of the governmental offices, schools, and business areas reside within City of Phuket.
    Somjai Suwansupana Title: Mayor Population: 72380 Member since: 05.02.1996
  • City Government of Baguio, Philippines
    City Government of Baguio, Philippines
    Baguio, a major urban center north of Manila, is an important employment center for sectors such as education, tourism, health services, finance, and regional government. It is also a melting pot of the Cordillera culture. One of Baguio City's sustainability challenges is that its flora and fauna are increasingly threatened by population growth, urban sprawl and rapid development. This became the trigger that made people organize themselves into community associations, organizations, clubs or groups to help the local government bring environmental improvements to their own communities.
    Mauricio G. Domogan Title: Mayor Population: 345366 Member since: 30.09.2003
  • City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
    City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
    Edwin D. Santiago Title: Mayor Population: 306659 Member since: 18.07.2006
  • Samar Province, Philippines
    Samar Province, Philippines
    Sharee Ann T. Tan Title: Governor Population: 780481
  • City of Bogor, Indonesia
    City of Bogor, Indonesia
    2013-2015 is the milestone for Bogor in improving the city low emission development strategy. We have a strong commitment and a good planning to continue and improve the implementation of low emission development in Bogor as part of the support to the Indonesian national emission reduction commitment.
    Bima Arya Sugiarto Title: Mayor Population: 1039465 Member since: 01.09.2005
  • Calapan City, Philippines
    Calapan City, Philippines
    Arnan Panaligan Title: Mayor Member since: 30.08.2017
  • City of Jambi, Indonesia
    City of Jambi, Indonesia
    Syarif Fasha Title: Mayor Population: 531857 Member since: 12.02.2015
  • City of Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
    City of Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
    The City of Santa Rosa, known as the Investment Capital of South Luzon, is nearly 40 kilometres south of Manila. It is bounded on the northwest by the City of Biñan; on the south and southwest by City of Cabuyao; and west by Silang and Tagaytay City in Cavite. Bordering the northeast is Laguna de Bay. The City is linked to Metro Manila and other southern provinces by the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), the Manila South Road and the Philippine National Railroad south line. Water transport to the nearby coastal towns is also available. Its proximity and accessibility from Metro Manila makes it a strategic and ideal place for local and foreign businesses as well as people looking for a suburban residence near the capital city . Santa Rosa has 18 barangays three of which are situated along Laguna de Bay, namely Sinalhan, Aplaya and Caingin. The 2010 census puts the city population at 284,670, making it the third largest local government unit (LGU) in Laguna. It is also the densest city in the province with more than 6,000 people per square kilometer. It has a total land area of 5,548 hectares. The City of Santa Rosa is almost entirely on a plain with 97.89% of its total land area having slopes ranging from 0.0 to 2.5% indicating level to nearly level lands. The City is principally drained by Santa Rosa River, Diezmo River, and Cabuyao River which all flow from the mountainous area of Silang, Cavite towards Laguna Lake. Serving as natural boundaries between Santa Rosa and Cabuyao are the Diezmo River and Cabuyao River. These rivers drain out to Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines. For the past 20 years, Santa Rosa has changed its landscape from an agricultural town to an industrialized and highly urbanized city. There was a massive conversion of agricultural lands into industrial, commercial and residential use.This development has increased the City’s income from 11million in 1989 to P2.2 billion in 2014 and contributed to the national economy. But this growth and progress has brought several challenges to the City.
    Danilo Ramon S. Fernandez Title: Mayor Population: 284670 Member since: 13.11.2014
  • Association of Indonesian Municipalities, Indonesia
    Association of Indonesian Municipalities, Indonesia
    Title: Member since: 29.11.2012
  • Melaka State Government, Malaysia
    Melaka State Government, Malaysia
    Kamarudin Bin Shah Title: Chief Executive Officer Population: 872900 Member since: 02.01.2015
  • City of Tuguegarao, Philippines
    City of Tuguegarao, Philippines
    Jefferson P. Soriano Title: Mayor Population: 153502 Member since: 16.04.2007
  • Municipality of Calbiga, Philippines
    Municipality of Calbiga, Philippines
    Bebot Nacario Title: Mayor Population: 22982 Member since: 21.03.2011
  • City of Catbalogan, Philippines
    City of Catbalogan, Philippines
    Catbalogan City is the capital of Samar Province, Philippines. It is Samar's main commercial, trading, educational, political and financial center. It is also an important and major seaport serving inter-island vessels and the city is often referred to as "The Gateway to Samar Region.“ Catbalogan is ever ready to offer experiences of its appetizing cuisins, scenic natural sites, thriving economy, dynamic social activities, rich history and warm hospitality.
    Title: Population: 94317 Member since: 26.11.2014
  • Tourism City of Langkawi Municipal Council, Malaysia
    Tourism City of Langkawi Municipal Council, Malaysia
    Abdul Bari Abdullah Title: President Member since: 07.03.2016
  • City of San Jose del Monte, Philippines
    City of San Jose del Monte, Philippines
    Arthur Robes Title: Mayor Member since: 06.11.2015
  • Seberang Perai Municipal Council, Malaysia
    Seberang Perai Municipal Council, Malaysia
    Sr Haji Rozali Bin Haji Mohamud Title: President Population: 1016000 Member since: 06.01.2015
  • City of Borongan, Philippines
    City of Borongan, Philippines
    Borongan City,a ten year old city, the provincial capital of Eastern Samar,lies along the coast of the mid portion of the province,facing the Pacific Ocean in the East , with coordinates 11degrees36'N and 125degrees 26'E. Borongan City is approximately 550 airkilometers southeast of Manila and about 65 air kilometers northeast of Tacloban City.The city is composed of 61 barangays: 16brgys are in the urban , 22 coastal barangays and 21upland/interior barangays mostly located along major rivers upstream,while two major islands approximately 2 kilometers offshore of the coast of the city mainland facing Pacific Ocean.
    Maria Fe Abunda Title: Mayor Population: 64457 Member since: 21.04.2015
  • Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia
    Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia
    Jakarta Governor has committed to reduce GHG emissions 30% by 2030. Jakarta Provincial Government through the Environmental Management Agency (BPLHD) Jakarta also has developed a Local Action Plan as a step towards achieving the target and has been established in the Province of Jakarta Governor Regulation No. 131 of 2012 on the Regional Action Plan for GHG Emission Reduction. In 2016 Jakarta has commited to reduce energy and water consumtion by 30% in 2030.
    Anies Rasyid Baswedan Title: Governor Population: 10277628
  • Municipality of Dumingag, Philippines
    Municipality of Dumingag, Philippines
    Mark Pacalioga Title: Mayor Population: 47485 Member since: 05.09.2013
  • Pasig City Government, Philippines
    Pasig City Government, Philippines
    Pasig City is known as one of the oldest towns in the Philippines, it has risen to be one of the country’s most progressive cities due to the presence of Ortigas Center which has become the city’s new central business district. Named after the river that meanders throughout the metropolis, Pasig City is an eclectic blend of the old and the new facets of cosmopolitan living.
    Robert Eusebio Title: City Mayor Population: 772695 Member since: 16.03.2016
  • Klaeng Town Municipality, Thailand
    Klaeng Town Municipality, Thailand
    Somchai Chariyacharoen Title: Mayor Population: 17625 Member since: 01.03.2006
  • City of Quezon City, Philippines
    City of Quezon City, Philippines
    Executive branch is headed by Mayor Herbert M. Bautista with 58 Departments and Offices under his supervision. On the other hand, the City Council, which is composed of 36 elected City Councilors and two honorary members is headed by the Vice Mayor Josefina Belmonte-Alimurung as the presiding officer. The City is divided into 142 local communities and organized into six congressional districts where each district is represented by a Congressman in the House of Representatives.
    Herbert M. Bautista Title: Mayor Population: 3066600 Member since: 01.02.2007
  • Municipality of Tubigon, Philippines
    Municipality of Tubigon, Philippines
    William Jao R. Title: Mayor Population: 45893 Member since: 26.10.2005
  • City of Surakarta, Indonesia
    City of Surakarta, Indonesia
    Fx. Hadi Rudyatmo Title: Mayor Population: 512226 Member since: 14.04.2014
  • City Government of Puerto Princesa, Philippines
    City Government of Puerto Princesa, Philippines
    Puerto Princesa City is the Capital and gateway to the Province of Palawan, the Philippines. Inhabitated by around 255, 000 people it bears the status of a Highly Urbanized City. It is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site - The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Natioanl Park. The city boasts of its environment-friendly and resilient local economic development as it maintains the stature of being one of the cleanest and greenest cities and first carbon-neutral city in the Philippines.
    Lucilo Bayron Title: Mayor Population: 255116 Member since: 10.10.1995
  • City of Muntinlupa, Philippines
    City of Muntinlupa, Philippines
    Jaime Fresnedi Title: Mayor Population: 504509 Member since: 18.07.2006
  • Municipality of Tublay, Philippines
    Municipality of Tublay, Philippines
    Armando Lauro Title: Mayor Population: 17892 Member since: 20.02.2012
  • Municipality of San Francisco, Cebu, Philippines
    Municipality of San Francisco, Cebu, Philippines
    Aly Arquillano Title: Mayor Population: 852469 Member since: 10.05.2012
  • City of Semarang, Indonesia
    City of Semarang, Indonesia
    Hendrar Prihadi Title: Mayor Population: 1500000
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